Why is Global Warming Dangerous?

      Global warming is dangerous, because when Earth gets warmer it will have many consequences like melting poles and extreme weather events. If all the ice melts the sea will rise several metres and whole islands will disappear. The island of New Moore in the bay of Bengal is already completely covered with water. Continuing on the current path, islands the size of Singapore might disappear!

      How can I help?

      Only make journeys that are necessary. Walk or cycle; it’s good for you. If there is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere the heat is trapped. This is called the greenhouse effect.

      Polar Bears

      A male polar bear can weigh up to 680kg (1500 lbs) a female can only weigh around half as much. Polar bears main diet are seals, they wait at the seal's breathing hole and when a seal comes up it’s doomed.

The poles are melting and many arctic species are
being driven to extinction!

Global Warming is now already so severe that ice in the tundra is melting and methane is being released in gigantic amounts, -methane is a greenhouse gas. The especially scary aspect about this is that now global warming may carry on even after we stop polluting. Before this, Global warming was not really threatening life on planet earth, because we could have stopped it’s cause (us) before it would become strong enough to change the climate on our planet. Now global warming is really threatening to destroy lots of life on our planet (and there is still denial of its existence). This can turn into a chain reaction. The more ice melts the more methane gets into the atmosphere. The more methane gets into the atmosphere, the hotter it gets. The hotter it gets, the more ice melts. Ironically helping is not about doing something but not doing something, not wasting money by consuming more than you need, not going through the stress of flying. Our actions have to be in balance with our resources and be sustainable.