Your footprint is the number of planet Earths we would need to be sustainable if everyone would live like you!

  • Lifestyle matters

    We are polluting planet Earth so much that it is turning into a threat for all life including us. If we want to rescue our planet we must start now. We all must help and we should explain to our friends that all life needs other life. If we want to rescue planet earth we must try not to have more than two children, do not buy or use more than we need and help in general, e.g. don’t fly a lot , don’t eat too much meat, don’t let the light run when you are out of the house.

  • Know your footprint

    You can calculate your footprint. It might be around 3. Having a footprint, also called impact, of 3 is absolutely OK. My footprint is also around there. That means that if everyone would live like you and I we would need 3 planet Earths to be sustainable. It is very difficult to bring a footprint of 3 down to a footprint of 1.
    Visit the WWF footprint calculator

  • Make life sustainable

    If every person would help, this dream of a better world would come true over a long period of time. And if we all work just a tiny bit we might get closer to this dream of sustainability. If we also teach our children that it is important that we are sustainable and they only get one child, the world population would fall to 1,750,000,000 people within 50 years. Then a footprint of 3 would be only a footprint of 0.75 and earth is no longer harmed. Indeed our planet would be getting better and recover! Our long-term goal should be getting our impact to 1. Reasonably this is only possible if we bring down the world population. If we manage to do so by teaching our children about a sustainable life the people living in 2100 might have a footprint of 1. And we must do it, because if we don’t, most life on planet earth might disappear one day.

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  • Consumption equals

    Everything you buy will eventually end in the garbage. After all nothing lasts forever. Your TV, your jeans, your gadgets, your car and so forth will expire at one point. And then it is either just dumped or recycled.
    But there is more to it. First lets talk about the turnover time of products. When my grandparents bought their TV some 40 years ago they kept it for a long time. When it had a problem a service person would come and fix it. The life of a TV was over 12 years back then. Today nobody bothers to repair things. Dumping it and buying a new one is cheaper. But there is also another reason why people keep things shorter and shorter. Advertisings and even our friends tell us that we must always have the latest version of anything and we replace things long before their actual expiry. This cycle keeps accelerating all the time because we are told the economy must keep growing all the time or earth will come to an end. Indeed earth will not come to an end, only the garbage fills will stop growing.
    Buy or replace things only when really needed and not only listen to the advertisements, -think for yourself. Read more on world population