• Some things we buy are things we do not really need. Sometimes we buy things to impress other people! We don’t get anything from them. We really can reduce our consumption quite easily.

  • Maybe you consume more because you want to impress other people with what you’ve got. You don’t need to follow the latest trends; being different isn’t bad. Steve Jobs wrote a text about it!
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  • Our footprint is made up out of two factors: what we are doing and how many people there are on planet Earth! That’s why we should not have more than two children.
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Consuming less is the best way to reduce our footprint. Fortunately many things can be recycled today. But some products, like hand-phones contain lots of poisonous chemicals and the recycling itself is a dirty business. Besides recycling also needs energy. So please remember that while recycling reduces your impact it still has an impact nevertheless.