Earth today – our planet at the crossroads

  • Earth today – our planet at the crossroads

    Over the last millennium earth has changed - a lot. Not only has the human species established itself – more than ever – but humans have also multiplied from a 220 million to a 7 billion people. 30 times the number from a millennium ago. It sure got a much more noisy. Humans have also dramatically altered their lifestyles. There have been huge advances in science and technology and we can live a much richer life to a much older age. Life expectation has almost doubled. So we are 30 times as many, live double as long and take incredibly much more from our planet.

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  • Lets look at the positive sides of this first.

    Due to our technological advances we are extremely mobile and can travel to any place on earth within a day. We can treat and cure many diseases, and our surgeons do incredible feats. The average person in the western world lives a better life than kings did a 1000 years ago. We have fewer wars and much fewer crimes than a millennium ago. Literacy rates are very high in most countries and infant mortality is below 10 (per 1000) in the entire western world. There have been great advances in the arts. We have send probes to all other planets in the solar system and know much more about the world we live in.

  • Do we honestly care for our planet?

    But all this came at a price of course. In order to achieve all this human’s energy needs have exploded and we have exploited and polluted the planet severely. I am not only taking about physical pollution but also about noise pollution and light pollution. And almost all of our achievements have been done for our own good and benefit. Whatever doesn't’t make profits is deemed a waste. We have shown lousy stewardship for our planet and given little or no respect for other species. At least in some – very few – places humans start to realize in earnest that we must change our course and deeds. Our current path is not sustainable and earth will be a paradise lost.

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